NewLife Plastics Pty Ltd

We make outdoor plastic furniture and products from 100% recycled plastic packaging waste – milk bottles, bottle caps, plastic jars, bags, etc. Plastics marked 2 – HDPE; 4 – LDPE, 5 – PP are used to make benches, picnic sets, tables, chairs, picket fencing.


Buying cheap garden furniture and outdoor products is not always a saving.  Wood needs regular maintenance and will eventually need to be replaced.   At NewLife Plastics, we pride ourselves on manufacturing eco-friendly outdoor furniture, decking, pallets and other products from 100% recycled packaging.   Our products are maintenance free, durable and long lasting, stronger and denser than wood and are available in a variety of colours.  In simple terms – we are using your bottle caps, milk bottles, cosmetic tubes, jars, etc. to recycle up into a product that will last a lifetime.  Not only are you doing something constructive for the environment but you are investing in furniture that looks as good as traditional wooden products, without the maintenance.

Our feedstock is made up entirely of this recycled packaging.  From this, we extrude poles and planks to create a sustainable plastic wood alternative that can be used in a number of different applications including outdoor decking, balustrades, walkways and jetties, garden furniture and industrial pallets.

More importantly, by purchasing our products, you are mitigating your personal or company’s consumption of plastic packaging waste.

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NewLife Plastics Pty Ltd