A life, parenting and small business coach, I have a passion for assisting others to create and reach goals and to create positive changes in their lives, families and businesses. A qualified Integral Coach, I have extensive experience as a school teacher, trainer and business school programme designer.

Leigh Johnson

I help clients who have lost their way and lack self confidence, to step into their power and learn to love themselves and so live their best life.

Anne-Marie Greiff
082 324 8972

Ezulu marketing specialises in training our clients to design and build WordPress web sites for e commerce. We specialise in setting up online affiliate stores .

Paul Hansen
Bernice Griffiths

Nutritional health coach for women.
From sick and tired to healthy and energetic.

work with me

Happiness Gurus, Symi & Ava , have changed peoples lives through their straight forward coaching approach, unique insights, wisdom and own personal experiences.
Your lifestyle is the alignment you’ve chosen, permeating your every action and relationship – if you choose wisely your lifestyle catapults you to happiness, contentment and living the life you were created to live. If you didn’t choose wisely, you’ll be frustrated, overwhelmed, feel stuck or stinted, and have that feeling that you should have been somewhere else doing something nicer.

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Happiness is a lifestyle choice… we help you every step of the way.

Ava and Symi Van Aarde

Focusing on TEENAGERS: Mentorship and Accountability for teens regarding homework & studying, Grade 9 Subject Choice advice, Tertiary Education Program to find your TOP 3 possibilities and TEEN SCENE Educational Life Skills Workshops

Trudie Johnston
082 9521524

Professional training, consulting, and human development services for individuals and organizations.

Lucille White
Career Coaching

A guided process of self-exploration to discover the career for you. Suitable for school leavers to decide on study options and adults facing the need for a career change.

Joanne Uphill