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Koeksisters made to order 🍩☕

Ready to eat at R4 each, or purchase to freeze at R3 each and have fresh koeksisters whenever you feel like it 😋 Just thaw completely and syrup them!

Ingredients are:
Cake Wheat Flour, Instant Yeast, Sugar, Ground Cinnamon, Ground Aniseed, Ground Ginger, Butter, Water, Milk.

*Syrup: Water, Sugar and Flavoured with Cardamom Pods and then coated in Desiccated Coconut (*when prepared as ready to eat)

Collection in Sunnydale. Cash payment is appreciated. Where possible, at least 24 hours notice is required. If you are stuck and require something urgently, please get in touch and I will assist wherever I can!

You may contact me for more information.

Thank you, Lara <3

Lara Jane Livesey

We offer a unique experience , being a combination cafe and gift store.

Heather Corbett

🐝 Bee Loved Raw Honey.
Pure raw honey 500g/352ml jars @ R65.
Returning customers – get R2 off your next purchase when you return your empty jar.
🐝 Bee Loved Honey Cashew Granola.
250g @ R50 Delicious sprinkled over yoghurt, crumbled over ice-cream, or as a healthy on the go snack. Made to order so you get that “just baked” taste.


We set on a mission to bring you the flavorus from our homeland, the Balkans. Using only the most fresh ingredients for authentic recipes our babushkas thought us

Ivana Neskovic

The Daily Grinder located at Shop 3, Glencairn Shopping Centre, Glencairn. Serving you artisan coffee, fresh bakes, stone fired pizza & raw juices.
Tuesdays is Curry Nights (take-aways or sitdowns) – we do specials, bunny chows and roti’s
Thursdays is Craft Burger Nights (Chicken, Beef or veg)
Fridays is pizza nights.

Michelle Schilder-Rodgers
060 993 9059