Services offered: tree felling, trimming, stump removal and grinding and site clearance

Dave Pena
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Peninsula Tree Fellers are a reputable Tree Felling company in the Cape Town area and surrounds. We are a fully insured business for your peace of mind with a large respectable client base who are always will to testify to our workmanship.
We offer:
– Tree Felling
– Stump removal
– Pruning
– Chipper Hire
– Log Splitter Hire
– Mulch Sales
– Fire Wood Sales

If you are in need of any of the above mentioned services please don’t hesitate to contact us via the gumtree platform, or you can call Roy on (079) 9003513

(079) 9003513

. My product is known as GROESIA INSTANT PLANT FOOD. It is an organic plant food which is high in Potassium. Potassium plays a major role in the regulation of water in plants. Both uptake of water through plant roots and its loss through the leaf are affected by potassium. It is also high in Nitrogen. Healthy plants often contain 3 to 4 percent nitrogen in their above-ground tissues. This is a much higher concentration compared to other nutrients. Phosphorus in also present which is essential for the general health and vigour of all plants. Groesia (pronounced “grow easier” ) is a simple but very effective instant plant food started in the 1970’s by my Dad whom owned and ran Marlborough Nurseries in Harare.

Paul Wijers

My name Is Abiyah Swart Im 12 years old and Im home schooled. I have a small Business called Grow. I sell cacti and succulents in beautiful pots. I Have a facebook page called Grow under my moms name Adrie Swart. There you will find all my Plants.

073 316 8279

We make outdoor plastic furniture and products from 100% recycled plastic packaging waste – milk bottles, bottle caps, plastic jars, bags, etc. Plastics marked 2 – HDPE; 4 – LDPE, 5 – PP are used to make benches, picnic sets, tables, chairs, picket fencing.


Compost, soils and grass suppliers

Hilda Stanfliet

Composting worms to deal with kitchen waste and make organic fertilizer

Patrick Dowling

We offer landscaping & tree felling services. Fully insured, reliable, every project fully owner supervised.

Lloyd & Candace