Online Store

The Bespoke Artichoke is an online store located in Kommetjie that sells cruelty-free lifestyle goods and gifts. All of our body products are free of animal by-products and have been certified cruelty-free by Beauty Without Cruelty and Cruelty Free International. We also ensure that none of these items contain palm oil. FREE Pickup option for the valley.

Lauren Greve

We make it easy to make a difference by delivering ethical, high quality, real food to your door. It’s our mission to source the best of the best produce from small local farms around the Western Cape, hand picked for caring about the environment, their animals and your health.


The Collective za online shop offers a mix of delectable product ranges and gift-worthy items. Shop, share with your friends and support local artists and entrepreneurs.

Celeste Reid

My Baby Online is an online baby registry for all those baby shower needs and we also have a shop for those of you that don’t need a registry.


We are a party supplies online store, specialising in party boxes and decor. We also sell DIY party/event packaging kits.

Tammara Verne

Mom, entrepreneur, business owner. I do all my own concept designs, cutting, painting and manufacturing. I specialise in graphic design, custom designed marquee lights, vinyl cutting / printing, laser cutting / engraving, stationery, invitations and many more. I can assist with home, wedding / events decor items.


Children’s arts and crafts online store