Be a mom who cares! Every little bit counts.
Below is a list of our current projects and their requirements.

Take a look and see if you can help:


Project: Happy Valley Kitchen Revamp

The kitchen is run by Radha and her assistant. They make a large amount of food daily, and have to cater for up to 70 people. She makes amazing things happen with dysfunctional kitchen appliances, and limited preparation area, The “Lady with no family” Radha, is a humble woman who does not ask for many things, and been able to find a purpose and a place at Happy Valley. The kitchen has broken cupboards and broken windows, It would be a great benefit to the facility if donations to remodel and repair were obtained.

Things that need repairing/replacing:
  • New waterproofing
  • New counter tops and cupboards
  • New fridge, kettle urn and microwave
  • New wash basin
  • Gas stove needs fixing /possibly extraction hob needs to be installed
  • Electric points installed
  • Large cooking pots
  • Necessary building materials and paint

The Facility will  benefit financially from a working vegetable garden, as well as it will create work and boost the facilities morale and productivity. The greenhouse is currently in shambles and needs adequate baboon proof fencing.

Things required for the greenhouse
  • Gum poles and relevant building materials
  • Strong wire fencing
  • Irrigation pipes, tanks and accessories
  • Concrete
  • Seeds and gardening tools
  • Shade netting

Stacy Reay

Project: The Fairy Godmother Project

The Fairy Godmother Project aims to provide the magic to fulfill dreams and wishes of young girls and guys across the Western Cape for their matric dance event.

What we need:
  • Sponsorship for hair and makeup, accessories and shoes.
  • Gently used formal dresses (girls)
  • Gently used formal suits & tuxedos (guys)
  • Shirts
  • Transport
  • Decor
  • Shoes

Stef Venter
Telephone: 021 786 4335

Project: Winter Warmers

The winter warmers initiative helps the homeless at our two local homeless shelters; Happy Valley and The Haven Night Shelter.

Donations required:
  • Non perishable food
  • Clothes
  • Bedding
  • Blankets
Drop off points:
  • Orange Wheely Bin at the Fish Hoek Library
  • The Haven Night Shelter
  • Happy Valley Home - Simonstown