SPM Facebook Group Rules

SOUTH PENINSULA MOMS is a group for moms (ladies only… sorry dads!!!) living in the Deep South of Cape Town, South Africa.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in comments made by those who participate in the South Peninsula Moms group are the personal opinions of the authors; not of the administrators of South Peninsula Moms. Opinions expressed by participants are not endorsed by the administrators of South Peninsula Moms

These are the rules currently visible on the group:


01 Zero Tolerance for naming and shaming

If you name and shame a company or are nasty to another person, you will NOT receive a warning and will be removed from the group. This includes sharing posts from other sources.

02 Wondering why your post was deleted?

Read the group rules or the FAQs. There is always a good reason. Please don’t harass the admin without doing some research.

03 Only 2nd hand items are to be sold, unless you’re advertising (see advertising rules)

Be considerate to others when selling things and use a “first come, first serve” policy! Make all the transactions visible for all to see (do not inbox someone privately while the item is still up for grabs) Inform us if you are also selling item on another page. Tagging someone doesn’t put them FIL.

04 No crime related posts and/or photographs please

Please do not share any sensitive photos or info to this group. Think before sharing. eg. Traffic accidents or crime-related photos or info.

05 Second-hand sales or “make me an offer posts”

Items are sold as is, pls check before handing over money. Don’t post things for sale individually, unless you are only selling one thing. Minimum offer amount to be stated. No deposits.

06 Medical Advice

Please think responsibly when answering any medical questions posted on this forum. NO VACCINATION discussions please. Misinformation from passionate parents can be a dangerous thing!! Advice giver here is not professional, purely the opinions of other moms who have gone through similar situations.

07 Include your SPM listing link in your adverts/posts

Always include your SPM listing link to your adverts. Premium listings have Mon and Wed. Please read the FAQs. All the info you need to know is there: http://www.southpeninsulamoms.co.za/faqs/

08 No selling of animals on this group.

If an animal needs a home or to be rescued feel free to post. Guilting members into adopting will be removed. Please use Tears or other rescue organisations.

09 Canvassing for charities/fundraising/begging

Charities need to be legitimate organisations in the South Peninsula and may be added to our website for free. No private fundraising/raffles. You may not tell sob stories for material gain. You MAY seek emotional support or advice.