If you, like many, have tried but failed to reach your fitness goals, then hiring a trainer might be for you. A trainer can be a better personal investment than that new fitness fad!


Many people ask; do I really need a personal trainer? If you want motivation, organization and instruction, then yes! A personal trainer is a valuable tool to reach your fitness goals and improve your overall health. Here’s why…

1.) Trainers Keep You Motivated

Getting results is not just a once-off trip to the gym! It’s making sacrifices, it’s hard work and it’s all about staying inspired. Trainers know that doing the same thing over and over will not give you different results. It’s harder to give up with a trainer, and you’re more likely to show up when every workout session is scheduled ahead of time. Having someone to keep you going when you want to give up is what will get you to where you want to be.

2.) Planning Is Done For You

Planning your next work out, and knowing what exercises to do, takes time and organization. A trainer takes the guesswork out of when to train and which exercises to do to reach your specific goal. It means that to be successful, all you need to do is arrive for your next session! A personal trainer keeps workouts organized and structured, giving you time to focus on other things in your life.

3.) You Need To Break Bad Habits

There is something in psychology called status quo bias; it means we make choices that guarantee that things will remain the same or change as little as possible. We stick to routines and bad habits and never see any change. A good trainer knows this and will help with strategies to facilitate positive change in your life.


4.) There’s No Guesswork

Having a goal in mind is one thing, having a plan to get there is another. One of the biggest benefits of working with a personal trainer is undoubtedly their know-how. A good trainer will give you a program that will get you to your specific goals. Do you want to get stronger? Lose weight? Get leaner? The decision is up to you, and a trainer will show you how to get there.

5.) It’s Not Just About The Workout

We all want to eat properly, move correctly and be healthy. Wellbeing is so much more then just working out in the gym. A trainer can help guide you with nutrition, lifestyle choices and to overcome fitness plateaus.

 6.) You’ll Get Results Faster

You don’t need to stress over whether what you’re doing is really working. It’s easy to feel intimidated by the idea of working with a trainer, but a good trainer will start off slowly, not allowing the first few sessions to be too overwhelming. Soon you will be on your way to getting the results you really want.

7.) You’ll Learn How To Overcome Injuries And Health Risks

A trainer is there to push you and get results, but also to help you on your journey to success safely. A good trainer won’t overstep your boundaries in the event that you have a pre-existing injury or health concern, and will assist also you with keeping proper form, in order to prevent you from doing something that might be dangerous and cause injury.


8.) Trainers Are Goal Gurus

Trainers eat goals for breakfast, its part of their diet plan and where they get most of their protein. Just kidding, but seriously setting goals, breaking down barriers and achieving what you want is what trainers do best.

9.) It Will Keep You On The Right Track For Life

Staying consistent is the real key to a healthy lifestyle. A personal trainer can help you make the mind shift to keep practicing healthy habits and making healthy choices that will put you on the fast track to healthy living as a lifestyle.

10.) You Both Have A Common Goal

This means it’s harder to quit when the going gets tough. A trainer will keep you motivated and on track because your goal, is now their goal.

Meet Kyle

Meet-KyleSo now you know why a personal trainer is so beneficial! Let us to take the opportunity to introduce Kyle:

Kyle is an accomplished athlete. He has coached cricket and has played up to a provincial level. He loves training and his enthusiasm is contagious. His specialties are weight loss, sports specific conditioning, group training and strength training. So if you want your kids to be trained by a top sportsman, if your husband wants to bulk up a little or if you are looking to lose some weight why not give Kyle a call and come in for a free assessment.

His mobile number is 076 963 50098 or email him on kylevantonder.23@gmail.com.