5 steps to getting an “insta-lean” torso

Here are 5 steps to getting an “insta-lean” torso by Neil Zietsman from 3S Functional Training in Sun Valley.

1.) Learn TA Activation (make me look thin muscle):

Take a deep breath in, now breath out and pretend you are blowing out a candle on the opposite side of the room. As you breath in the lower part of your belly should bulge out and as you exhale your belly button should move towards your spine. this is a TA Activation.

If you are struggling with it, come into the gym and we can show you how its done.

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Animal Rescue – Useful Numbers

Husky Rescue Raven Feather Flack – 0812709317 Snake Rescue Adrian @ ECC – 021 7820333 SPCA/snake removal – 0833261607 Simone – 0722567190 Robert – 0827709702 Cape Snake Conservation – 0843281001 Aidan Shannon – 0723444968 Kevin Jacobs  – 0833077710 Bird Rescue Raven Feather Flack – 0812709317 Hendrik Louw – 0845751356 Bee Hive removals Tony – 082 … Read moreAnimal Rescue – Useful Numbers

Home Affairs Truck

Unfortunately the Home Affairs Truck will not be visiting the Long Beach Mall on Tuesdays anymore. We will monitor the situation and keep you posted as to what is happening.

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