Meatballs in a minute

I am not a huge meat eater and most definitely not big on preparing meat. So this recipe is perfect for me. My family get their meat fix and it’s absolute minimum effort from me.

It is super versatile and requires no oil or butter and can be adjusted depending on which eating plan you are following.


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The Day He Mourned For The Father He Never Had

By Chevone Peters (Chev’s Life)

Father’s Day 2013…

A new school, lots of hype in the week leading up to the imminent Father’s Day. In the school taxi kids were boasting about their dad’s. In class they made special gifts for their dad’s and at home I could pick up that something wasn’t quite right with my boy…

The Friday he came home with the Father’s Day gift that he made at school for his dad. “Mom, my teacher said I must give this to my dad…”

Now understand, my son has NO MEMORY of his father EVER being in his life. His father is absent, has been since before he was born! Yet, he insisted that I take him to his dad on Father’s Day! “Mom, my teacher said we must give this to our dad’s!”

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Myth Busting

Jawitz Properties takes you behind the scenes and into what really goes on when you sell/buy a property, and what you really should know.

Komm office

Have you ever bought a gourmet takeaway sandwich and been horrified at the price – I mean, how expensive could a slice of roast beef, some pickled beetroot and a few fancy leaves really cost?  

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Should I be worried? How do I know if my child needs to see a psychologist?

by Joalida Smit

The three-step guide to help you think like a psychologist

Grupo de niños cogidos por los hombros sonriendo

Psychological intervention is not something we should take lightly, it is a serious investment in time, energy and money; although it may be unsettling for the entire family, it can also be a very empowering experience. I believe that the decision to intervene should be based on careful consideration and thinking about what may happen if we DO NOT intervene:

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Load Shedding


The deep south falls under Zone 8. Take a look in the sidebar for today’s schedule.

You can find out more on the City of Cape Town website – click here.

Looking for somewhere to eat during the loadshedding blackouts?

Here is a list of places to eat in the “deep south” :

  • The Lighthouse (Simonstown)
  • Dixie’s Restaurant (Glencairn)
  • Spur (Longbeach Mall, Sun Valley)
  • The Red Herring (Noordhoek)
  • Umami sushi (Imhoff Farm Village)
  • Theresa’s (Kalk Bay)
  • Simply Asia (Lakeside)
  • Pizza at the Toad (Noordhoek)
  • Tiger Lilly (Fish Hoek)
  • Slip Slops (Noordhoek)
  • Saveur (Simonstown)
  • Barracudas (Fish Hoek)
  • The Octopus Garden (St James)
  • Blue Water Cafe (Imhoff Farm Village)
  • Sostanza (Lakeside)
  • Kalk Bay Theatre
  • Elliesdeli (Noordhoek)
  • Tigerlilly Sushi (Fishhoek)
  • Seaforth (Simonstown)
  • Pizza man (Longbeach Mall, Sun Valley)
  • Sostanza (Lakeside)

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Two-week Muffins

Its hard to believe, but you can leave this Two-week Muffin mixture in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. I have to admit, they have never lasted that long in my fridge:) Just make a few at a time and ta ha, hot muffins for breakfast. So easy.


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Growing in the Sand: Growing healthy and tasty vegetables in the deep south

By Eugene Bosini from GreenBos

Healthy Vegetable Garden

While it’s true that the South is plagued by sandy soil it is a common misconception that you can’t grow vegetables in what sometimes looks like building sand. Growing healthy vegetables is both satisfying and rewarding and with a little bit of care and attention you will be surprised at how much you can get out of a small veggie patch.

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