5 steps to getting an “insta-lean” torso

Here are 5 steps to getting an “insta-lean” torso by Neil Zietsman from 3S Functional Training in Sun Valley.

1.) Learn TA Activation (make me look thin muscle):

Take a deep breath in, now breath out and pretend you are blowing out a candle on the opposite side of the room. As you breath in the lower part of your belly should bulge out and as you exhale your belly button should move towards your spine. this is a TA Activation.

If you are struggling with it, come into the gym and we can show you how its done.

2.) Kick the pooch and strengthen your Lower Abs:

Lower Abdominals

Firstly, don’t actually kick the dog. Secondly do we really have lower abs? Well yes and no, but that’s a debate for another time. To get the lower part of your stomach working lie on your back. Bend at your hips and bring your knees up to 90 degrees. Imprint your lower back into the floor. Keep your back in this position and lower one foot to the floor and back up. Don’t let your back lift. Alternate one leg then the other.

Do 20 of these.

3.) Don’t forget your oblique muscles:

These are the biggest muscle group in your stomach, so don’t forget about them. They help you bend sideways (side flexion) as well as twist (think the dance off scene in Pulp Fiction).

To get them working try a side plank and lower your hips to the ground for 20 reps on each side.

Oblique Side Bridge  |  Oblique Side Twist
Oblique Side Bridge | Oblique Side Twist

4.) Work the 6 pack muscles (rectus abdominus):

Sit-up over Swiss Ball
Sit-up over Swiss Ball

Lie over a swiss ball with your feet on the ground and the ball  in the middle of your back. Put your hands out at 45 degrees and crunch over the ball until your stomach is fully flexed. Concentrate on doing it slowly lifting up and lowering down.

Lock your neck into fixed position and don’t lift your chin as you come up.

Do 20 reps.

5.) Bend forwards and backwards:

Hip Extension
Hip Extension

Don’t forget to exercise your lower back and butt. They are core muscles too.

Lie on your back and put your feet up on a swiss ball.  Make sure you have your knees bent to 90 degrees and the sole of your foot is on the ball.

Now press into your heels and lift your bottom and back off the floor one vertebra at a time. Reach full extension and lower back down to the floor.

Practice step 1 then apply it to each exercise exhaling as you go against gravity.

Do 3 – 5 rounds from step 2 to step 5.

NeilNeil Zietsman from 3S Functional Training in Sun Valley has a BBA (Unisa) & internationally-accredited Master Fitness Certification (Australia) as well as a specialisation in Core & Back Conditioning (CHEK Institute).

So if results matter, contact 3S Functional Training?

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