7 reasons why Pilates with Clellind at the 3S Studio is the best thing you can do for your core right now!

1.) You Learn to activate the right muscles in the right order

Pilates teaches you to activate and stabilize all the right muscles in the right sequence within your mid-section or “core”. Whether it is in isolation or in combination, you will learn to strengthen and use these muscles correctly. It’s like getting a user manual and practical guide for one of the most important parts of your body.

2. It helps to stabilize and strengthen your back

Oh yes it does! Most people will experience back or neck pain in their lives and, as I’m sure you know, it can be quite debilitating. Pilates helps to correct posture, and support and stabilize the spine, making you into a stronger, more robust version of your self.  Seriously, if you are suffering from any nigglly back pain from old injuries or even postural problems, Pilates can be one of the best rehabilitative and conditioning exercises you can do (once you pass the acute stages and have the go ahead from the doc of course)!

3. It helps to prevent injuries

Not only can it help with back pain, but by having a strong stable core to move from, it means you are less likely to injure again. Having strong stabilizers means you can function better, move through correct posture and alignment and therefore increase the stabilization of your joints and vertebrae, helping to prevent future and recurring injuries.

4. It helps to get your body back post pregnancy

Having children is a life- and body-changing event. Although only half the population even has the opportunity to create such a miracle, it does affect you physically. So many women struggle to get their post pregnancy bodies back …. but don’t fret! Pilates, through re- activation and strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles, is one of the best and fastest ways to take control of your body and bounce back faster than baby can wake up at 4am.

5. It gives you a foundation to build your fitness on

Getting fit, strong and healthy is great, but if you want strong arms and legs you need a stable base for them to work from. You certainly can’t fire a canon from a canoe. Get that core strong and able, and then you can really work hard and make the difference.

6. It just feels good

It really does, it feels good to be in control of your body and to know it can perform. A positive self image is the key to allowing yourself and others around you to feel good! “The mind when housed in a healthful, strong body possesses a glorious sense of power.” – Joseph Pilates. So give us a call, keep calm and do Pilates!

7. It’s closer than you think

The studio is located in Sunnydale and is so central for anyone living in the South Peninsula. No need for a trip over the mountain or to join a big class where you don’t get the attention you need and deserve. Give Clellind a call and make the right, healthy choice for your body.Don’t delay – call now: Clellind:083 563 0820       Email: clellind@gmail.comSave

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