Anemone Swim Centre

Anemone Swim Centre
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Anemone Swim Centre

About us:

At Anemone Swim Centre we believe that swimming is a valuable life skill and we encourage all to give that gift to their children from a very young age. Our team of teachers at Anemone Swim Centre are passionate about what we do. We are all well qualified and attend regular workshops and training sessions to keep up to date and to keep growing as teachers. We strive to teach all our learners to become water safe in a fun, safe and friendly environment. This includes building confidence to be able to develop their skills as they learn to understand their buoyancy and propulsion. Through a continuous process of games and exercises we teach our swimmers floatation, water safety and stroke development, all the while taking into account their individual personalities and abilities. We have an indoor centre with a heated pool which allows for year round lessons.

What we offer:

LEARN TO SWIM: These lessons are 15/30 minutes long, one-on-one with an instructor. Our teachers take time to understand each individual swimmer so as to meet their unique physical and emotional needs.

BABY SWIMMING: These classes start from 6months old up to 18months. Mom/Dad or a caregiver are in the water with their baby and as a group we develop water awareness, safety and basic swimming skills during a 30 minute class.

MINI SQUADS: Once swimmers are confident to swim on their own, group lessons are an option for 2-4 swimmers at a time. These lessons are 30 minutes long.

SQUADS: These are groups of 2-4 swimmers at a time for 30 minutes to develop advanced strokes, stamina and an introduction to competitive swimming.

AQUA AEROBICS: Our fun, high energy classes cater to all ages, men and women and offer a fantastic workout building up core strength and fitness all in a safe aquatic environment which provides resistance and buoyancy taking pressure off your joints.

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