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Let me provide a safe space for you

I provide a safe space for woman who wants to empower themselves to handle the difficulties of life better.
I specialise in:
Grief and trauma support
Co-parenting after divorce
Supporting mothers of children with ADHD

Karin Grobler

Suffering is universal, but few people realize how important self-care is in times struggle. A crucial aspect of self-care is finding someone capable of supporting you WHEN LIFE HURTS. Life can hurt us in many ways and it is important that we are aware that various types of situations in fact bring grief and distress. For instance, care and guidance may be essential after experiencing the death of a loved one, the break-down of a relationship or friendship, a divorce, the loss of a job, the death of a beloved pet, the decline of one’s health, retirement or any major shock or change in one’s life or routine like when your child is diagnosed with ADHD.

How can I help?
As a grief counselor with personal experience of grief and loss, I have come to learn and understand the complexities of different forms of grief. Grief can be devastating and severely impair your ability to function when it is insufficiently processed and acknowledged.

I know what is helpful and what is not when trying to process your grief or trauma and I teach you a simple process to work with difficult emotions so the you can keep functioning through adversity. ​I hope to offer some insight and help you navigate the stages of personal grief in a gentle, yet proactive way. My priority is ensuring that you have the safety and freedom to truly experience and recognize your emotional and physical responses to stress so that you can ultimately understand your own personality in order to care for yourself and your loved ones in a kind and healing manner.

My approach
Through one-on-one therapy/coaching, I help you to tackle your personal suffering and grief. I

My own greatest loss was the collapse of my marriage of 23 years. ADHD, depression and death has also been some of the other challenges in my life.

​I want to encourage you to take the first step in your self-care;
​email me at grobler.karin@gmail.com or
call me on 076 381 3885

I specialize in:

  • Grief and trauma support
  • Processing difficult emotions
  • Self-care coaching
  • Co-parenting after divorce
  • Parent coaching & support with regards to
    • Supporting your child after trauma
    • ADHD
    • Loving discipline
  • Find love and understanding
  • Getting help is a choice
  • Growth doesn't come easy