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Longbeach Chiropractic

Dr. Peter Solomon offers chiropractic care Monday through Saturdays (alt.) at the clinic rooms situated next door to the Longbeach Medical Centre at 9 Carlton Close, Sunvalley.

Longbeach Chiropractic has been running for 13 years now and has gone through many changes along the way, including the addition of some of the latest advances in Chiropractic care. At Longbeach Chiropractic we use non-surgical decompression therapy (a form of traction) for the treatment of disc injuries of all sorts along with LASER therapy. This in addition to the regular Chiropractic treatment, we find ourselves well equipped to handle most mechanical issues and injuries that may present themselves.

Chiropractic care is a specific treatment approach that specializes in finding areas of nerve interference and through spinal manipulation (or other techniques) we correct the irritation to the nerve structure restoring balance and providing the environment for the body to heal.

As co-owner of CrossFit FalseBay and avid fitness enthusiasts, Dr. Solomon encourages regular physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that regular exercise, proper nutrition and regular spinal adjustments are the keys overcoming most health problems. Some conditions may require a more aggressive approach to exercise and nutrition, but if you can get those 3 things right, you’ll be more than half way there.

Taking responsibility for your health is the first step. Let us help you with the rest.

Call the centre now on (021) 785-4855 to find out more or visit our website www.mychiropractor.co.za


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