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Masicorp works for the community of Masiphumelele, providing support and opportunities through education, to those who need it most. Only through education can we help residents uplift themselves out of poverty.

Contact Person: Megan Pringle
Phone Number: 0217851923

The township of Masiphumelele, Cape Town is home to a community of more than 40,000 people, disadvantaged by the historical legacy of apartheid and poverty. Masiphumelele continues to face daily challenges unimaginable for those on the outside. This densely populated community is consistently at risk due to fire, flooding, high crime rates, lack of food security, adequate housing and clean water. Access to an acceptable level of education and skills training is beyond the reach of the majority of the residents. Chronic unemployment, estimated to be as high as 70%, provides a backdrop of grinding poverty.

In 2009 Masicorp was approached by the Masiphumelele community to focus on education as their perceived “route out of poverty”.  Through extensive community engagement, every programme Masicorp designs and implements is concentrated on educational interventions.  Masicorp strives to respond to these educational needs and priorities are determined by listening to the Masi community.

Our programmes include early childhood development interventions, providing quality ECD education at 2 centres, where over 250 children are enrolled. We also reach over 200 children registered at the many informal shack creches in the Masi community.

Our work at Ukhanyo Primary School, a school of nearly 2000 children include Learning Labs in Maths, English and Science, raising the standard of education and training teachers in effective instruction in these subjects. Our reading and English literacy programmes also aim to help struggling learners both at Ukhanyo and Masi children attending English speaking schools.

We also work with adults teaching instruction in Sewing, English and Computers, through our partnerships with Masi Library, Evangeline Ministries and the Sewing Cafe.

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  • Ukhanyo Primary School Learning Labs
  • Accredited Computer Training Courses
  • Basic Sewing Training