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Neil Parker Attorneys

Neil Parker Properties… Attorneys Selling Property… Makes Sense
For many people, buying or selling a house is one of the most significant transactions of their life, and it stands to reason that you’d want to turn to a professional rather than navigating the process on your own.

If you’re purchasing a new home or considering selling your house, your first inclination might be to enlist the help of a real estate agent. But while buying and selling agents can be a good option, you may be surprised to learn that a real estate attorney might actually be the best option.

Our emphasis is on personal service and hands-on efficiency. Our services include:


Our attorney, notary and conveyancer, Neil Parker, has more than 18 years of experience in property law and was a director of one of the largest conveyancing firms in the country, dealing with property transactions from the very simple to the most complex for large corporations and property developers.

He is skilled in in freehold, sectional title, leasehold and shareblock transactions, as well as subdivisions and reversions to the Land Register, mortgage bonds, notarial bonds and cessions of book debt and leasehold rights.

His focus has changed from assisting corporate players to assisting everyday folk with one of their most important assets, their homes!

He is a family man with 5 children and 1 grandchild and resides in Fish Hoek with his wife and manager Hazel Parker – 072 4393103.

With a small, dedicated, experienced staff and cutting edge technology, we offer a superior service where you form a relationship with your lawyer, who will be there with you from start to finish.

You don’t just become a reference number and we have no call centre!

You are our client from day one and we strive to look after your interests.

Furthermore, as we are a niche practice, we can spend more time with you as our overheads are relatively low when compared to the large law firms.

We jealously guard our independence and integrity and assure you of uninhibited, professional representation.

Neil is available on his cell phone, yes he is on WHATSAPP! For immediate, free, legal advice regarding any aspect of property law.

So if you require a select, experienced and well equipped conveyancer to look after your property transaction, then look no further than NEIL PARKER ATTORNEYS.


But not only do we do conveyancing, we are also qualified to market your house for sale or rent!

As a property attorneys we are fully skilled in all aspects of property transactions and can advise you from day one before you even put pen to paper.  As attorneys, we are also skilled in negotiation and the closing of transactions. Through our extensive database network, which includes thousands of previous buyers and sellers, estate agents, developers and other property role players, we are able to source the best of potential buyers and sellers and tenants for your property. We also make use of the various property internet portals and have a tried and tested marketing strategy including comprehensive vetting of potential buyers and tenants, which only we as attorneys can offer. We are also able to assist you with the obtaining of a mortgage bond using our preferred bond originators with whom we have worked over the years and who we trust will provide great service in getting you a bond that suits your needs. Our sales/rental commission rates are below the market rate and you get so much more bang for your buck, with a lawyer on your side from day one , a free client specific contract and various add-on services capable of being provided, including the repatriation of funds to foreign lands.


When the worst happens and you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is winding up an estate!  At NEIL PARKER ATTORNEYS, we offer a service where we will prepare your will at an affordable price and attend to the administration of your estate when the time comes at a preferential rate based on the nature of your estate.

No more flat fee of 3.5% plus VAT (That’s 4,025 %!) of the value of the estate assets, as charged by banks and accountants. Instead, a fair fee based on the time spent by an experienced attorney of 18 years in deceased estate administration, attending to the winding up of your estate, and agreed up front.

We also have more time to spend with those left behind so they don’t just feel like a number and can experience an interactive relationship between lawyer and client.

You will deal directly with our estate lawyer, Neil Parker, no call centre – no representative!

So if you require a select, experienced and well equipped estate administrator to plan your estate or look after your estate when you are gone, then look no further than NEIL PARKER ATTORNEYS.


Neil is also an admitted Notary and this allows him to attend to the drafting and signing of Ante-nuptial Contracts for those folk who are going to tie the knot. Even if marriage is not your thing, it is important to have a notarized Life partnership Agreement to regulate your relationship. He also attends to all forms of authentication of documents for use in and outside the country, (Court certification and Apostilles) as well as obtaining sealed letters of Executorship for foreign probate purposes. As a notary he also attends to all registrations of servitudes over land, including usufructs , rights of way , service servitudes, encroachment regulation, boundary adjustments etc., his expertise having been built up whilst working for a major petroleum company and attending to the legal work required for the establishment of the various one stop garages in the country.

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