Massage, Health and Skin Care, in a Wellness Centre with Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. Deep Tissue Massage, including Pregnancy Massage using pillows allowing you to lie on your tummy, Thai Leg and Foot Massage, Hot Stone, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, regimA Skin Care, MediHeel Pedicures and Manicures (Hot Parrifin Wax treatments), Hot and Strip Wax, Gel overlays, Individual Eyelash Extensions, Lash and Brow Tinting, Organic Stray Tans

Lee Mitchell
Hair by Nadine

Hair by Nadine offers a professional, affordable hairdressing service in the comfort of your home or venue.

Nadine Basson.
Lily Jane Aesthetics

Skin & Body Care

Lolly or Tracy
Casa Cabelo

Work from home professional stylist 30Yrs+ experience, beautiful home salon for your convenience and travelling stylist for all functions

Marina Maroulis
Lorraine Aesthetics

Skin health destination

Lorraine de Lange

Aloe Unique brings you a range of skin care treatments containing the powerful active ingredients of the Aloe Ferox plant. All our Products are Paraben Free.

021 785 4483 / 0827921274
Bio Sculpture Overlay

A home based Beauty salon specializing in Eyelash extensions, Bio Sculpture gel and many more treatments.

Aimee Webb
Inthusiasm Mineral Makeup

Natural, organic, vegan and locally produced mineral makeup.

064 778 5618
Arlex Fragrances Cape Town

Designer Fragrance business operating online and servicing the Western Cape – offering both retail and wholesale options. Oil-based.

Natalie Collins

It is a philosophy that there is always potential products that can be made healthier. In our daily life there are countless products that we feel could be simplified and actually just made available by an artisan company.
At the basic level – do we need synthetic chemicals and disposable packaging?
We do not think so.
From humble beginnings with aiming for a sunscreen that protects and nourishes the skin and body, order your tub confident that your body is absorbing goodness.
Artisan Fragrances & Perfumes formulated using rare desert mhyrr and natural lilies used since ancient Egyptian royalty – infused with colloidal silver which is a healthy anti microbial alternative – experience ingredients sourced from the fringe of Africa?
Subtle scents that enthrall.
Get the Wild Shakes: Sprinkled Wild Herbs, Seaweed & Exotic Desert Pink Salts. Add these unique flavors to your favorite dishes. Experience the delicious rare trace elements and mineral combinations – your body will instinctively want more. Taste Healthy Wild Ocean, Desert & Fynbos.
As a family business with your health at the core: the founder only endorses products he would use – offering his assurance from a background in Environmental Science.
We screen all ingredients to avoid any suspect ingredients. We only use plant material that has had scientific studies into the pharmacology, and pair this with a keen interest in Ethno Botany and plant lore.
E-mail us on for more information and products.

083 733 3554
Permanent make-up by Madri Planting

Micro insertion of safe pigments into the following areas: Brows, Powder brow or Microblading, Eyeliner, Lips (full or liner)

Madri Planting
072 219 2939
LCN Professional Nails Mobile Studio

Our Story!

Today’s clients want high quality products, excellent results and no compromise to the natural nail or their own health. This means that clients are specifically asking for Nail Professionals and salons who offer LCN.

LCN nails is an abbreviation of light concept gel nails. It is a cosmetic fingernail extension considered to be a superior alternative to acrylics. They are known for their lightweight flexibility and long lasting durability. LCN nails are free of harmful chemicals that damage nails.

The Healthy Choice

Reduced risk of forming allergies with LCN light curing products. Clients often develop an allergy to the Monomers, Primers and Acids after many years of use.

LCN light curing products do not use Acetone, solvents or Acids. LCN does not test products on animals in any way and conforms to EC Cosmetic Regulation No 1223/2009 which prohibits the testing of cosmetic products on animals in Germany and the European Union.

LCN light curing products are highly durable, flexible to mimic the properties of the natural nail, they do not yellow under UV and sunlight.

Angelique Fratini
071 6063010