Catering and "Foodie" things

Greek goulash with basmati rice

From Monk’s table to your table.
Fresh meals delivered daily and function catering.

Contact Person: Nadine Monk
Phone Number: 0748038056
The Curry Lady


Contact Person: Trish Horwood
Phone Number: 074 326 2981
Facebook: The Curry Lady
Odette Laubscher

Dried mango’s and macadamia nuts

Contact Person: Odette
Phone Number: 0741116609

A retail store with a difference! Specialising in minimising food waste. We sell Non-perishable products that have reached or passed Best Before dates at hugely discounted prices. A godsend for families struggling to come out on their monthly budget.

Contact Person: Dave Bester
Phone Number: 0833039504
Farm Fresh Produce

Suppliers of farm fresh vegetables to residential clients and restaurants.

Contact Person: Ilandra
Phone Number: 0824660272
The Salmon Lady

SMOKED SALMON is an elegant, healthy protein and chief ingredient in a variety of fast, convenient, and healthy recipes. We love SMOKED SALMON!

Contact Person: Lindie or Warren
Phone Number: 0829549230 or 0839382265
In All Honesty

In All Honesty supplies a wide range of natural and organic plantbased & vegan health foods, both dry pantry goods and fresh food products.

Contact Person: Taryn Peters
Phone Number: 0829700813
Sweet Cillies Cakery

Coffee shop and bakery

Contact Person: Cilla
Phone Number: 0741928547

rganify brings you the magic of Himalayan Crystal Salt
Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is 100% natural and non-iodated

We are local stockists of fine Pink Himalayan salt and the coarse is 2-5 millimeter, which is made from the finest Himalayan crystals.

It comes in a 1 kilogram bag as well as 100 gram bottle with grinder for coarse and flip cap. The 1kg bag can easily be resealed and stands up on its own, so it can be stored without repackaging. The beautiful pink colour in the 100g bottle adds a gorgeous pop to liven any table.

Contact Person: Fatima
Phone Number: 065 866 0630
Good Tide Trading

Spices, baking supplies, cleaning material – and anything else the ships bring in

Contact Person: Nicole
Phone Number: 082 875 3370
Crumbs & Frosting

We supply you with custom made birthday cakes, wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, cupcakes, macarons, pastries, doughnuts and many many more delights.

Contact Person: Leanne
Phone Number: 0728446574
Stock’s – Artisan Belgian Bakes

I make decorated sugar cookies for any occasion, made with only the best ingredients and a high level of attention to detail. Also Belgian biscuits for tea time: speculoos, ganache bites, spice biscuits, chocolate, orange, strawberry …

Contact Person: Liesbet Schietecatte
Phone Number: 0732552445