Child Care

Sugar and Spice Nanny Training

We believe that nannies play a valuable role in the lives of our children.

We aim to equip nannies with formal training allowing them to be upskilled, enhancing their experience and knowledge, for what is one of the most important roles – being a nanny.

We teach them to understand how significant this role is – not only are they accountable for the physical well-being of the child but they are also responsible for their growth, development and emotional wellbeing.

We believe in open channels of regular communication between nanny and employer, with the baby’s interests being the number one priority for all.

We empower those working as domestic workers and also upskill those currently working in nanny positions with all the essential knowledge, practical skills and confidence they need to take care of children and babies from birth upwards. This boosts the nanny’s confidence and further strengthens the trust relationship between mom and nanny.

We firmly believe that the task of looking after a child needs to be treated as a full-time profession. As with any full-time profession, those tasked with this role need to be suitably trained.

Contact Person: Kim
Phone Number: 082 743 3076