Counselling and support


Supporting others to make life changes. Also random craft or inspirtionak events to promote people interaction and learning

Contact Person: Lyndel Daly
Phone Number: 0835644183
Carol Sterling Clinical Psychologist

M.A. Clinical Psychology (UCT), B.A. Hons H.D.E. (University of Natal)

Contact Person: Carol Sterling
Phone Number: 0825531524
Karin Grobler – Online/in person support and coaching

When you ask me to support you to find your balance again, I approach it as if I am standing on holy ground. If you decide to trust me with your story and your hurt, I will walk along side you. I might be able to see a little clearer what is going on, because I am not inside your story. BUT I will keep asking questions, I will keep acknowledging and reflecting your emotions and the wisdom they bring back to you. I might have to teach you to listen to their language and I might have to make you aware of your needs and how to allow them and communicate them to yourself and others. But most of all I will remind you of your humanity and your divinity. I will remind you to have compassion for yourself and I will help you to discover the strengths you have inside you which will help you to regain your balance.
This is what one of my clients said: “Thank you for helping me to ground myself, teaching me to nurture and care for myself, so I may blossom and bloom into the individual I am blessed to be.”
I am here to support you, send an email and we can connect online.

Contact Person: Karin Grobler
Phone Number: 0658317636 / 0763813885 for WhatsApp
Love, Light and Reiki

Heal using Angelic Energy! Candi Lock has built up quite a strong client base on the Southern Peninsula with her beautiful healing art of Reiki and energy healing. She has had wonderful results in assisting adults, children and animals find their sense of inner balance. She calls on your Angels to be of comfort and to heal any wounds or tears to your human energy field. Have you lost your pet? She can communicate with the animal and help send them back home. Needing to cut cords from a past love? Candi can be of service. Situated in Fish Hoek give her a call and experience the wonderful healing benefits of working with the Angelic Realm.

Contact Person: Candi Lock
Phone Number: 083 411 8553
Sarah Brown Psychic

Discover the beautiful world of Tarot! Based in Clovelly and with over 30 years experience,let Sarah help you see the path ahead. Also qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, combined with the Tarot and Astrology there is no problem that cannot holistically be sorted out in a calm and compassionate manner. An hours appointment in her wonderful Healing Room costs only R400 and includes a free Astrology Forecast. Sarah also sells holistic items such as crystals and Rune Stone letter bottles.

Contact Person: Sarah Brown
Phone Number: 0663678503
Holistic Life – Counselling & Coaching

Since 2016, I have been assisting individuals break through the obstacles that make finding purpose and a sense of peace difficult. Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you remove the obstacles that stand in the way of your authentic self.

Contact Person: Siobhan
Phone Number: 0791074825

A twice-a-month support group, based in Fish Hoek, for adults living with anxiety and depression. Open to all 18 years + living in Cape Town’s Southern suburbs and Deep South. Meetings held the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 3pm to 4.30 pm at Corner Health, 19 Recreation Rd, Fish Hoek.

Contact Person: Lisa McCann
Phone Number: 073 467 1265