We believe that dogs are family. That’s why we love and keep our pooches in a controlled family environment with lots of friends to play with! Waggy tails for days!
TPC is your doggy’s paradise. In an experienced & loving family environment we take care of your dog or puppy for as long as you need us to – may it be during work, holiday or just a day off.
Our daycare is open 7 days a week with flexible hours to make things as convenient for you and your pooch as possible.
Go and book your pawed angel the time of it’s life!
We offer:
120R for a full day (flexible hours).
80 R for a half day (max. 6 hours).

Annika Fisch

Lovingly made raw dog food. Our product consists of the correct proportions of free range chicken, sinew, ligaments, fat, bone, organ meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs and kefir. This is then minced and mixed into convenient 1kg packets. We try and use organic fruit, vegetables and herbs when available. This offers your dog a complete and balanced meal and follows the raw diet ethos that more and more people are turning to as a healthier and more natural option.

Andrew King