NewLife Plastics Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of garden furniture and outdoor products made from 100% recycled plastic. Will last a life time and needs no maintenance. Ideal for South Peninsula gardens.

Well point guys

Nearing day Zero, we believe that using water found just meters underneath the surface of your ground is imperative and necessary for the sustainability of your house hold. As this is a long term fixture, it will still be beneficial that you still try limit the water usage.

Our fee for a well point is R6500, this includes 1000 liters of our own water that we bring to site, labour travel and water pump.
If we do not hit water at your location the fee is R2500 for our time costs and water fee.

+27 606 043 851

Tree felling, pruning, trimming and shaping of trees and hedges, site clearing and stump removal/stump grinding.

Dave Pena