Fun variety of silver stack rings

Jewellery and silversmithing classes

Contact Person: Meg Plougmann
Phone Number: 0827829817
Resinate SA

Resin Jewellery/Pendants

Contact Person: Natalie Du Preez
Phone Number: 0737899919
Creation Jewellers

Jewellery, Watches and Repairs

Contact Person: Patrick Benade
Phone Number: 082 491 0519
Ri Jewellery

RI JEWELLERY offers an exclusive selection of handcrafted sterling silver and gemstone jewellery. Many pieces are one-of-a-kind – especially designed by Richard Shimkus in Simonstown.

Contact Person: Jo Mortimer or Richard Shimkus
Phone Number: 0217863024

A beautiful piece of jewellery, whether statement or fine, holds a special place in every woman’s heart and wardrobe. It can add a little pop of colour to your LBD or a bit of shimmer to your night out. Jewellery is that bit of artistic expression at the workplace where everything else might be dull.

I have been working in the jewellery industry for over 12 years, both in fine and fashion jewellery. This brand is the culmination of all my experience and a deep love for all things jewellery.

curAtiv jewellery pieces are handcrafted statement pieces from brass, natural and glass stones to name a few. All of these pieces have been curated and selected to offer our customer unique pieces of jewellery. Each of these pieces holds a special place in my heart and I hope that it will for you too.

We currently also stock a designer, locally made 3 layer masks with a removable and replaceable filter. Please see our website for more details

Contact Person: Trevor Mey
Phone Number: 082 302 0106