Anemone Swim Centre
Anita van der Walt

A fun, exciting musical programme, based on a different theme each term.
All set to music and full of props, puppets and teaching aids. Each child has a set of percussion instruments to play during the classes.
Rich in learning activities.
We encourage listening skills, language development, hand-eye co-ordination, sequencing, rhythmic movement, following instructions, social skills (such as sharing and taking turns) – to name a few outcomes – through our musical adventures.
Expect a weekly adventure full of fun, friends and memories for life!

Lauren Harper
Nom Nom Kossies

We make and deliver home made, healthy, delicious baby purees to your door. No additives or sweeteners. Just good old fruits, veggies and meat.

Joss van der Walt
Kids Who Can Community

At Kids Who Can Community, we offer practical courses and workshops for ALL children. We provide children with a safe, fun space to learn about themselves ~ what they like, what they dislike, how they feel about things and to learn to manage what life throws at them in a healthy and effective way.

Our aim is to empower children to take responsibility in creating their own healthy, calm, joyful lives by teaching them tools and techniques to assist them with the changes and challenges they may face in their daily lives.

Michelle Schoon