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Clear Buglar Bar Installations

Contact Person: Simon Bernhardt
Phone Number: 0825974924
Mach 1 Security

We do alarms, outdoor beams, CCTV and guarding. Since 2006, we have been installing, repairing and maintaining alarm systems in the Far South Peninsula. We do all makes of alarm systems and link you up to the armed response company of your choice. Our staff are credible, experienced and very knowledgeable. Locally based, we are always at hand when you need us. We are also excellent at CCTV installations and have earned a good reputation for our expertise and client service in this regard. Did you know that if you have a break-in, your insurance may cover the cost of a guard? We can provide you with a guard at only a few hours’ notice. Get peace of mind with Mach 1 Security.

Contact Person: Manu Choudree
Phone Number: 021 782 2661 and 072 980 4335
South Bound Technical

Install and repair security home and office security systems. CCTV, DSTV, Alarms, Garage and Gate Motors, Remote viewing

Contact Person: Garrith Thompson
Phone Number: 0737898920