Wellness and fitness

The Yoga Lounge

We offer yoga classes to small groups in Noordhoek. We also give private yoga classes in the privacy of your home.

Contact Person: Chandre de Jager
Phone Number: 0823938338
3S Functional Training
Contact Person: Neil Zietsman
Phone Number: 082 554 2674
Eos Nutrition

Eos Nutrition provides a holistic approach to helping people make informed decisions about the foods they consume and their nutrition.

Contact Person: Izanne Visser
Phone Number: 0824928442
Sergio and Miranda

Our passion lies in assisting individuals & families to attain a healthier lifestyle, through a simple solution & nutritional products, that have been a part of our lives for over 20 years.

Contact Person: Miranda Capellino
Phone Number: 0828974695
Restoring Health

Kinesiology for healing and restoring busy, anxious moms and/or sick children.
Slow stretch, low impact classes to help tired moms to breathe out, let go and replenish their energy.

Contact Person: Helen Hansen
Phone Number: 0724097664
Well Balanced

At Well Balanced different tools are used to help balance your body and mind. To support you to better health lifelong patterns will be explored to help you identify them. An holistic approach is utilized, to all therapies, with an emphasis on identifying and addressing any current stressors in your life.
I specialize in:
– Hand, Face and Foot Reflexology
– RLD (reflexology lymph drainage)
– Baby Reflex
– Nutritional Advisor

Contact Person: Jolene Badach
Phone Number: 0824561532
Human Symmetry

Want to be pain free? Balancing / postural alignment and human mechanics – exercise aimed at correcting posture, healing injury’s, plus moving better to improve exercise results long term.

Contact Person: Darryl Frerk
Phone Number: +27 (0) 72 499 1744
Yoga with Shannon

I offer private Vinyasa Yoga classes to all ages and capabilities. With a focus on correct alignment and breath, as well as improving strength and flexibility. I tailor the classes to accommodate your personal needs and goals.
I do also teach beginner yoga classes (which include a little bit of journaling and meditation) in Noordhoek. You are welcome to call or email me for more details 🙂

Contact Person: Shannon Fenton
Phone Number: 0726571897
Aloe Ferox Deep South

Explore and order from this extensive Aloe Ferox range that includes baby care, bath & body care, skin care, gents skin and shaving products, sun care, hair care, wellness supplements and even pet care. In conjunction with the Aloe Ferox plant base, a broad range of natural plant extracts are used to form products that are a natural alternative to chemically engineered products. The Aloe Ferox bitter sap is harvested in the field. The plants grow wild and no pesticides, no herbicides and no fertilisers are used. When the bottom leaves are harvested the plant is not harmed or destroyed and the bottom leaves can be harvested annually.

Contact Person: Kim Brown
Phone Number: 0827217474
Rona – Nurturing Mindful Living

Fertility awareness is the deep understanding of our body and how it works, by practicing the method we can identify each day whether we are fertile or not and act according to our goals, if we want to achieve pregnancy or to avoid. It is extremely empowering knowledge and helps us to make informed choices regarding our health and body. I also stock 5 different brands of menstrual cups and I help people to choose which one is best to their body and lifestyle.

Contact Person: Rona
Phone Number: 0791536418
Website: Rona Mirimi
Shiatsu Acupressure Therapy

Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Therapy releases muscle tension, improves circulation and stimulates the immune system leading to a state of wellbeing.

Contact Person: Lynn
Phone Number: 0810424753