Zumba with Maz

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Zumba with Maz

ZUMBA is a dance fitness program designed for anybody to participate from ages 16 and up. its fun, keeps fitness levels up, tones and gets the happy endorphins going!

Marion Geale (Maz)
071 595 4362

Zumba with Maz

Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.

Its easy for begginners and advanced fitness queens! Learn to salsa, cumbia, regeaton, jazz, pop, and many more styles adding some sweat and good fun in the mix, its the ultimate workout for anybody!



Maz is a licenced Zumba instructor and has a passion for all things dance and fitness, She loves to shake and sweat in her classes with her students, and bring out the joy and love to dance to anybody willing to join!





Her classes are fun, on your first class, don’t worry about getting the steps just bring yourself, water, a sweat towel and enjoy the music and just keep moving…even if you think you doing it wrong…beauty is that there are no wrong steps in Zumba!!! Join Maz and her Zumbee’s to the best fitness class in the deep south! start the movement! Join the party!

zumba with maz


Monday 8:30-9:30 AM Civic Centre Minor Hall

Tuesday 6-7 PM Fish Hoek Moth Hall

Thursday 6-7 PM Fish Hoek Moth Hall

*Please note no class on first Thursday of each month
*classes still run during loadshedding, bring a glowstick!

What to wear: Comfy top, Lycra leggings, trainers (the brighter the better!)

What to bring: Waterbottle, sweat towel , Good vibes!

concerns? pop me a message!
For all things zumba inspired related in the valley, click on my FB page!

Instagram: @Lilstarmaz

  • Zumba with Maz
  • Zumba with Maz
  • Zumba with Maz
  • Zumba with Maz

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Zumba with Maz


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