Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a "Customer" and a "Vendor"

A customer is someone who buys products or services from a vendor on the website.
A Vendor is a business or store that advertises on the website.

What is the difference between "My Account" and "Vendor Dashboard"?

The Vendor Dashboard is where you manage your business listing.

Your account is where you manage your purchases and user details.

What do I need to advertise on the SPM Group?

You need to be a member on the Facebook Group.
You need to have a store on the website.
You will use the link to your SPM store on the Facebook Group when advertising.

When are advertising days?

Advertising Days on SPM are on a Monday and Wednesday depending on which subscription package you have signed up for.

Basic Vendors = Wednesday
Premium Vendors = Monday and Wednesday
Charities = Any day

How do Job Posts Work?

If you are a Vendor, you can post a job on the website as often as required. Job posts automatically expire after 30 days. You can post the link to the Job Listing on SPM on the group anytime.

If I am not advertising, but selling second hand goods because I am moving or don’t want the things anymore, do I have to wait for a specific day to post to SPM?

Not at all! You can post at any time, please just make sure to follow the group rules regarding sales on the group. You can find these in the group description on FB.