Can I advertise my business on the SPM Facebook Group?

Only if you have listed your business in the SPM business directory on the SPM website and are a member on the group (ladies only).

If I am not advertising, but selling second hand goods because I am moving or don’t want the things anymore, do I have to wait for a specific day to post to SPM?

Not at all! You can post at any time, please just make sure to follow the group rules regarding sales on the group. You can find these in the group description on FB.

What are my options for advertising?

You can have a basic listing in the SPM business directory, which costs R200 a year and enables you to post to the SPM Facebook group on a WEDNESDAY.

You can have a premium listing in the SPM business directory, which costs R150 a month and allows you to add a lot more information and post to the SPM Facebook Group on a MONDAY and WEDNESDAY.

Those are both self-service options, if you would like to find out about us posting on your behalf, here are some more options –

How do I add my business to the SPM Business Directory?

You go to the SPM website’s business directory and click on “submit a listing” (or follow this link –, select your category and choose a fee plan. Enter your information and submit. It will be pending approval and once it’s approved it automatically gets published on the website.

I am struggling with submitting my listing, could you please give me step by step instructions?

1. Click on this link…/submit-listing/

2. Select category and payment plan

3. Add Listing information and click “continue to payment” button.

4. Enter your personal information and click on “pay now” button

5. This will direct you to the Payfast Gateway, where you can choose to pay via Instant EFT, Debit or Credit card.

Once payment is received, your listing will go live within 24 to 48 hours.

Now that I am in the Business Directory can I just post to the SPM Facebook Group?

You may post to the SPM Facebook Group on a Wednesday (which is our basic listing advertising day) and only if you add the link to your listing (eg – ) when you post.

How do I add the link when I post to Facebook?

If I have a basic listing, may I add images to my post when I post to FB?

Yes, definitely. Images make your posts stand out!

Why can’t I add my own contact details?

We offer this service to SPM’s for a small admin fee and what we ask in return is that your customers are encouraged to visit our website to obtain your contact details. The point of using the SPM link when you advertise is to create traffic on the SPM website. The idea is that it helps out both parties. You get cheap advertising and we get traffic on our website. When you post your own contact details or post directly from your own FB page, it side-steps the SPM website completely and therefore we get no benefit from your advertising at all.

 Why do some listings show their own company logo’s on when posting to Facebook?

Those are premium listings. The benefits of having a premium listing above a basic listing are that you may add as much information as you like, including images/logo and your listing goes to the top of the category in our business directory. You also get 2 days to advertise in the SPM Facebook group per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and your logo is automatically uploaded when you post your link (eg –  to Facebook.

How can I upgrade to a Premium Listing and how much does it cost?

Just email and send through your company logo and/or any other images you wish to add and a 300 word description. It will be loaded up for you. The cost is R150 a month, or save by doing an upfront payment for 12 months of R1500.

What if I’ve paid for a basic listing for one year, but I want to upgrade to a premium listing during that time?

Just email and we’ll sort it out for you.