Gone fishing….

Looking for a fun craft to do with your kids this holidays? Why not go fishing? Take a look at this fun idea from our guest bloggers Lauren, Catherine and Megan from Tuesday’s with Megan.

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Paints
  • Lots of glitter and shiny stars and any other bits and pieces to stick on and use as decoration
  • Bamboo sticks, (or just find a couple sticks in your garden)
  • String
  • Paper clips/ staples
  • Glue gun
  • Small magnets

Firstly we let the girls decorate  sheets of paper. There was lots of paint that they used with their
fingers, as well as plenty glitter and shiny stars (appropriate, as the flamboyant and sparkly Lauren
was helping execute this craft!!)

One thing we hadn’t banked on is how long the pictures would take to dry before we could draw
on our fishy shapes and cut them out. So it might be a good idea to do the paper decorating
and painting the day before.

Once dried, the girls drew fantastic sea fantasy shapes on the reverse of their bright pics.
We had starfish, octopi, jelly fish, a sting ray and even a treasure chest!!>

We helped staple a cross/star on each aquatic creature.  Threw them all into the imaginary sea
(a.k.a blue bucket)

To make the fishing rods, we tied twine around the bamboo sticks, and helped glue* on the magnets
(you can also tie these on firmly), 
and then it was off to see who could hook the catch of the day.
* if you are using a glue gun it would be safe to say that an adult should do this bit, and be careful. It is hot!

Tuesday’s with Megan is a little collaboration of crazy days survived by us and our children. Where we try to be the perfect moms atleast once a week, photograph it, and hope that these are the bits our kids remember one day.

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