Whether you have a basic listing or a premium listing, it’s all about how you use your advertising day in the SPM group.

Below are some tips and tricks on how to maximise your audience:

1.) Text

Change the text you add to your post on a regularly basis. Play around to see what draws more interest for your audience. Make your content interesting and informative for the end user but showcasing different selling points each time you post.

2.) Images

Add eye catching, good quality images to draw people’s attention and make them want to click on the link to find out more about your business. Make sure your images have been optimised for Social Media. The recommended image size for a Facebook feed is 1200 pixels x 630 pixels. With exception to your logo, change the images that you post to create a wider interest but remember to make them relevant.

3.) Post Regularly

Post more than once on the advertising day, as some posts get lost in the news feed.

4.) Relevant

Make your advert relevant to your target audience. Think about aligning your advert to an upcoming holiday. Think about the season. How do you think your audience is feeling? Putting yourself in your audiences shoes will help you to tailor your advert to your specific audiences needs.

5.) Experiment with time

Try posting your advert at different times to see when your target audience are online. Over time, you will get a feel for what time works best for your product or business.

We’d love to hear more about what works for you on the SPM advertising days, share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

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  • I am new to this forum, so forgive me if I am addressing everybody in the wrong place. .
    i think this is a wonderful way to advertise and market and get your business name out there,link with each other and assist each other in driving your business more successfully. I need help.

    I am one of 6 trustees of the St Francis Outreach trust. We manage 2 foster homes in Masi with each 6 children and a foster mother, a driver takes the children to the individual schools. 2 remedial teachers assist in the class room attached to one house, the children after school, and a General manager guides, instructs and delegates all processes regarding the children’s school, health and psycho-social well being.
    We have the chance to be send a volunteer by the German government for one year , if………..we can find accommodation for her. A small flat or room in the house of an elderly person would be ideal and bring some company to the house owner. Monthly rental is – though not excessively much – available . The ideal area would be Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Sunvalley, Capri,. Fishhoek.
    A positive response would help us to secure a full time volunteer for the Homes to Grow children as of August 2019
    Thank you ,
    Monika du Sautoy
    074 915 7747

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