With over 11 000 page views in the last month and a social media following of 5000 active members in our closed Facebook group alone, South Peninsula Moms offers a unique and targeted platform to market all your local businesses, events and even jobs. Find out more about how you can use the SPM Platform to leverage this audience for your business.

Business Directory Listings

Wednesday is advertising day on our closed Facebook group. If you are a member of our group (sorry, moms only), and your business is listed on our website, you can advertise as outlined below.

If you upgrade to a premium listing, you can advertise on a Monday and Wednesday. Email nicole@southpeninsulamoms.co.za to upgrade today.

Not a member of our group? Speak to us about how we can arrange to advertise for you.

How to link your Facebook post/advert to the SPM business directory

Once your business has been added to the SPM website’s Business Directory, you are entitled to advertise in the SPM Facebook Group on specified advertising days.

As we are offering you this opportunity for free advertising, we request that you please add the link to your listing in our Business Directory when you create your post/advert on the Facebook Group. How this works:

When you are looking at your listing in our Business Directory, simply “copy” the URL (website address) at the top of the page, then when you create your post/advert on the Facebook Group you “paste” that link. This ensures that when people see your advert and want to contact you, they click on the link and obtain all your contact details from your listing. You get a new customer and we get website traffic. It’s a win/win partnership!! 🙂

Here are some good examples of what your post should look like:



Do you arrange events, workshops or fun things for moms and families to do? Send your events to nicole@southpeninsulamoms.co.za and we’ll add them to our events calendar. All events get posted to our social media channels (Facebook group and fan page, Instagram, Twitter).


Looking for a new employee? You can post your jobs for free on our website. All jobs are shared on our social media channels.