Having been in the industry for some time now, starting a the bottom then working up to having my own studio and business, I have learned a few things about personal trainers, and well, maybe this doesn’t only apply to personal trainers. When I say personal trainer, I could possibly be using a job description as a metaphor for life and the people you want to invite into your life.

  1. Knowledge and Experience: If you want results, look for someone who has experience and who has been down this road before. New kids talk a lot and play themselves up, but when it comes down to it, you want someone who knows what they are doing and can keep you away from injury.
  2. Someone who adds value: Stay away from cheap and nasty. If you pay peanuts you will get… well, you know the rest. Look for someone who wants to add value rather than simply undercut prices. Quality always trumps quantity.
  3. Walks their talk: Look out for big talkers – they can easily mislead you. Instead, look for someone who can provide you with proof of their work or real client testimonials. Also, if your trainer doesn’t really embody their profession… doesn’t do a sport, eats pizza every evening and drinks a six pack of beer every night, you probably want to avoid them.
  4. Makes you the centre of attention: You want a trainer who actually cares about your needs and wants. They should be focused on improving your ability and your body, not looking at theirs in the mirror. At the end of the day it’s about your results and your improvements.
  5. Someone you can relate to: Look for someone who has had some life experience, whether they have had an injury or overcome some adversity to achieve something great. I know it might sound strange but you will be surprised where inspiration can come from and how powerful personal experiences can be in motivating others.

Meet the newest member of our team, Jon Sawyer.


5 Reasons you want to get Jon Sayer as your personal trainer:

  1. Jon is a level 3 personal trainer qualified in the UK. He has been in the Industry for over 20 years and has recently moved to Cape Town.
  2. He understands the power of posture. If every day life has you in a slump or work is a literal pain in the neck, get hold of Jon for some corrective exercise.
  3. Skateboarding, wake boarding, golf, flying aeroplanes and playing soccer are all in a days work for him so if you are looking for some sports specific or work related training he can help.
  4. He enjoys helping people not only with their fitness approach to exercise, injury prevention and lifestyle.
  5. He has time slots available…. But probably not for long. Our trainers get very busy quite quickly so if you want a time slot that suits you why not pick up the phone rite now or send an email.

Call: 071 589 2089
Email: jonsayer@ymail.com