Meatballs in a minute

I am not a huge meat eater and most definitely not big on preparing meat. So this recipe is perfect for me. My family get their meat fix and it’s absolute minimum effort from me.

It is super versatile and requires no oil or butter and can be adjusted depending on which eating plan you are following.



500g of beef mince
1 x 125ml plain yoghurt
Half a packet of brown onion soup (powder)


Mix all three ingredients in a mixing bowl (yes, yes use your hands) and then form meat balls and place in a casserole dish. Place uncovered in the oven and bake at 180’C for 30 minutes.
It even makes a little bit of gravy for you in the bottom of the dish.


You can use any yoghurt that works for you, from Fat Free yoghurt to Full Cream yoghurt
You can change the brown onion soup to white onion soup for a flavour change
You do not need to be very strict with the amounts. I never measure out. Rather add yoghurt bit by bit, because you don’t want it too sloppy or you’ll have a meatball puddle!

I usually serve it with a ratatouille vegetable mix and place the meatballs on top… ooooh and  a little bit of grated cheese over it all is also a yummy addition!


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