Meet Jenny Radcliffe


Meet Jenny Radcliffe, mom of 2, the owner of Longbeach Craft Market and this month’s SPM Mom of the Month. Find out more about why she loves living in the deep south.

Do you have a business? If yes, what is it about?

Yes, the Longbeach Craft Market situated in Longbeach Mall. It is a Craft Market where you will find all sorts of gifts from fairy dresses, to mugs, jewelry to puppets, wool to beaded products and more.

The shop is open 7 days a week and we have over a 100 different crafters renting space from us on a monthly basis.  We have wonderful staff assisting customers to choose the perfect present.

How did it start?

I opened it 11 years ago as I saw a gap in the market for a gift shop in the Mall.  My wonderful husband was the carpenter whilst I had to search high and low for all the various products.  I have a few crafters in the shop who are still here from the beginning.  The idea was to create an opportunity for different crafters to display and sell their products in the shop without having to be there themselves, thus giving them the time to produce and design new products all the time.  We created a warm atmosphere with a wooden floor and corrugated ceiling, lots of hanging space from the roof.  The recipe seemed to have worked and have grown from strength to strength.

If your day job is your family – tell us more about what you do with them?

I work 2 mornings a week, so the rest of the time is spent with the kids (once they are back from school).  We ride to school (in Kommetjie) each day with our bicycles, lots of fresh air.  We love to go to the beach and  boogie board or take a walk with our 3 legged dog.  My two kids, Emma-Joy (8) and Ashley (5) keeps both hubby and myself busy with having to run between gymnastics, ballet, judo and sports.  We also love to take them on different types of holidays e.g. we went to Thailand and Malaysia and used public transport getting to all the places, cycling holidays in the Karoo and Botswana.  Anything pushing the boundaries.

Why do you live in the deep South?

Well, it is an easy answer – it is so nice to live in a place where people like to go on holiday to.  We love living in Kommetjie, the fresh air, the beach, the community and all the things you can do in and around the town.

How many children do you have and how would they describe you?

Our oldest is a girl, Emma-Joy and she is 8 years old.  She is a fantastic athlete, gymnast, cyclist and artist.  What a sociable child and loves to dress up and have sleepovers.  Ashley is our little boy of 5 who is the family clown.  He loves to create things and always helps dad in the workshop.

What is your favourite thing to do with your kids in the deep South?

We love to cycle somewhere, have an ice cream or have a picnic on the beach (weather permitting).  We also loved going to Silvermine and have a swim or walk.

What is the best advice you ever received from your mother?

Always wear clean underwear, you never know what will happen. Ha, Ha.

How does the community benefit from your involvement in it?

It is very difficult to help everybody and I wish I could.  So every few month, we have a charity sale at my shop and what ever sales we do, I double it and donate it to a local charity.  We have built an extra classroom at a Pre Primary school in Vrygrond with the proceeds as well Sinothando Day care Centre in Masiphumele getting new mattresses, carpets, educational toys, food and fake grass outside the centre.  We are always looking for new opportunities to help where we can.  People are amazingly supportive – thank you!

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