Meet Lloyd Reay, our SPM’s Dad of the Month –  winner of a Voucher to the value of R200 from the Little Fisherman.

Lloyd Reay

What does “Dad” do for a living?

He is a Diving Supervisor

What does he love about the deep South?

He grew up here and couldn’t possibly ever leave it’s a lovely community with beautiful beaches. The Southern Peninsula is definitely the most amazing part of Cape Town. We cannot imagine raising our kids elsewhere.

How many children does he have and how would they describe him?

My husband has a son and has adopted my daughter as his own… The kids think dad is indestructible he is definitely their superhero… My daughter constantly tells him she couldn’t have asked for a better dad to enter her life

What is his favourite thing to do with the kids in the deep South?

Summer time fish hoek beach and he loves taking the kids to imhoff farm for the camel rides and blue waters has a lovely safe play area which the kids love

What is his classic “Dad” phrase?

To our daughter he always says when she grows up she must date a nerd no jocks allowed and to his son always respect the girls

What makes him a “rock star” Dad?

The fact that my husband from day one has accepted my daughter as his own and taken the roll as her father takes one amazing heart to be able to do that… He would do anything for his two kids… And I am so blessed to have him as he is such a wonderful role model and even though he has a full time job he volunteers at school and participates and volunteers when my daughter has events with the local Fish Hoek Brownie.