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Be a mom who cares! Every little bit counts. We have so many worthy causes in our area. Find out more about some of the charities in our area that could use our help. #GivingBack. #MomsWhoCare

My Father’s House

My Father's House is a self-funded, non-government organisation with a holistic focus on the physical, mental and spiritual health of the poor and vulnerable people of the Southern Regions of Cape Town, South Africa.

Contact Person: Shadrick Valayadum
Phone Number: 0823810384

Save Our Seas Foundation Shark Education Centre

To connect the public to the ocean through experiential education programmes focused on sharks and local marine ecosystems, in order to nurture awareness, encourage environmentally responsible actions and develop a healthy respect for sharks

Contact Person: Claire Metcalf
Phone Number: 0217886694

ECD for pre-school children

Masicorp works for the community of Masiphumelele, providing support and opportunities through education, to those who need it most. Only through education can we help residents uplift themselves out of poverty.

Contact Person: Megan Pringle
Phone Number: 0217851923

Naomi’s Joy

A Christ-centered network for the care of abandoned babies and orphans until adoption.

Contact Person: Renee Gordon
Phone Number: 0832983098

Animal Lifeline

Annually thousands of lost and found animals remain unclaimed and many are euthanised as a result. Many people network lost and found animals rigorously and passionately, yet the number of homeless animals and those that are put to sleep is on the increase.
Animal Lifeline NPC was created with the express purpose of reducing the numbers of lost and found animals that become homeless and alleviating their suffering and facilitating their re-homing where necessary.

Contact Person: Carynne Hooper
Phone Number: 084 427 5687

Let’s Help Each Other

Let’s Help Each Other OV (“LHEO-OV”), was established in September 2017 with the aim of addressing some of the socio-economic issues facing the community. LHEO-OV comprises of residents from Ocean View who decided that ‘enough was enough’. They want to make Ocean View (“OV”) better, for themselves and for future generations. LHEO-OV does this by mean of projects in and around our home town. Our mission statement is “for Ocean View, from Ocean View’ and our vision is ‘the upliftment of Ocean View through random acts of kindness’. The group is not yet registered as a Non-profit Organisation, but is well known and established within the community and surrounding areas as a result of our vast network, integration and ongoing appeal and advocacy of transparency.

Contact Person: Athena Delcarme
Phone Number: 0838766440

Ubuntu Football Academy

Started in 2011 by Casey Prince and Michael Jenkins, Ubuntu Football is a non-profit organization born in response to the crisis of fatherlessness in South Africa where 60% of kids are growing up without a father in the household.


Sonwabise-Tese is a community outreach program offering art therapy, mentorship and life skills training to young girls (age 10 – 15) in Masi.

Contact Person: Barbara Chisvo
Phone Number: 083 529 8667

Baboon Matters Trust

Baboon Matters gives a voice to the voiceless, advocating for humane treatment of baboons in and around Cape Town. Baboon Matters was started in 2001 and Baboon Matters Trust was formed in 2007 by Jenni Trethowan and has been running for 15 years.

Jenni Trethowan has worked for baboons for over twenty years, first through the Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group where she started the baboon monitor programme, and then as a founding member of Baboon Matters, who managed the monitor programme between 2002 and 2009. Recently Jenni has become more actively involved in baboon conservation around South Africa, and continues to advocate strongly for humane management of baboons in Cape Town. She has an amazing connection with the baboons, and she really should write a book about her incredible experiences with them.

Contact Person: Kathy Kelly
Phone Number: 0827461609

Shine Chapter

The Common Good Foundation and Shine partnered up to create a literacy centre at Kleinberg Primary in Ocean View in July 2014. It’s a volunteer based program which gives support to children in Grade Two to help strengthen their English reading, writing and speaking skills. Volunteers support the same children each week and work with one or two children at a time. Started by Liz Oosthuyzen (a South Peninsula Mom ☺) and volunteers linked to Common Good, it has been running for just under 2 years.

Contact Person: Liz Oosthuyzen
Phone Number: 082 775 2257


Through an evidence-based, one on one mentoring approach, LifeXchange implements effective and responsible mentoring processes. Through this, we aim to bring about the sustainable, transformational growth of all people towards purposeful living. Started in June 2008 by Cobus Oosthuizen, it has been running for 8 year plus.

Contact Person: Cobus Oosthuizen
Phone Number: 021 785 2523 Cell: 073 303 8533

Bhongolethu Foundation

Bhongolethu Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and a Public Benefit Organisation with a mission to provide quality education of exceptional standards to disadvantaged communities. We aim to give our children the best education following the latest teaching trends and methods. This will provide the children with the important skills they need to grow holistically into young adults, that can contribute meaningfully to our country. The foundation was started by Tyler Sutcliffe and we opened our first ECD Centre in January 2016.

Contact Person: Tyler Sutcliffe
Phone Number: 084 8247751

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Winter Warmers

The winter warmers initiative is our current project which helps the homeless at our two local homeless shelters; Happy Valley and The Haven Night Shelter.

If you have any non perishable food, clothing, bedding or blankets, you can drop them off in the Orange Wheely bin at the Fish Hoek Library.