What is your business about:

I teach children’s individual swimming lessons locally, mostly from their own pools. I also started and run the South Peninsula Moms Facebook group and now share in this amazing new website.

How did it start?

I have been teaching swimming for 13 years now, always working for swimming schools. I only recently started doing it on a free-lance basis to fit in with my kids schedules! The facebook group started, when I was returning to live in Cape Town after 5 years abroad and realised I knew nothing about raising kids in our own country. So I started the group to be able to ask local moms advice etc. It grew from there and I started realising we (the moms) can make a difference in the community!

Why do you live in the deep South?

Is there anywhere else to live?? 😉 I was born and raised in Kommetjie and have travelled the world, had kids in two different countries, and still think this part of the world is the best! My husband and I are lucky to have both sets of parents alive and still living in Kommetjie. Our kids get to have a taste of how we grew up!

How many children do you have and how would they describe you?

2 kids – a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy! I guess they would say I am strict and bossy, but I hope they would say I’m fun and energetic!! 😉

What is your favourite thing to do with your kids in the deep South?

Definitely walking on any of our beaches with our dogs or taking a stroll through Kalk Bay and the harbour and of course chilling at Fishermans Pub in Kommetjie because they love it there!

What is the best advice you ever received from your mother?

Best… hhmmm not sure I remember that, but one that stands out is “always keep your tummy muscles tight, bum tucked in and boobs out” ha ha

How does the community benefit from your involvement in it?

Well I’d like to think that our Facebook group, South Peninsula Moms of #momswhocare make a difference in some way. I might not physically be helping everyone out but the moms in my group are amazing and are constantly reaching out to others!