Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Market offers kids up to 16 a chance to EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN by teaching entrepreneurial skills and arranging markets to trade and busk twice a month. Started by Linda Wilson and her daughter in August 2014, it has been running for 3 years.Save



Contact Details:

Contact Person: Linda Wilson
Telephone: 0833840590
Back a Buddy: Give the pocket money market wings to fly



What is the aim of your charity?

I feel a lot of issues have their roots in lack of financial security and lack of education and am trying to address the root causes by tackling this at a young age. We have the highest unemployment in the world and no sign of that changing. Self employment has to be a solution but requires the nurturing of a pro active mindset from a young age. This is also tricky in a recession economy but we have achieved a lot.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

We trade twice a month at least at different venues with about 50 kids selling and busking. Each school holidays I run free workshops covering 5 modules I have written myself for the age groups and unique environment. So I’m busy with markets, workshops and also a FUN DAY for the hard working kids.

What are your biggest challenges?

Funding, I self fund and have spent R100 000 which is really my pension. I find transporting the kids especially challenging and am trying to raise funds for a bus. Also I work 2 jobs and am a single mom, so it’s a bit tiring.

What are your biggest rewards?

Knowing the income the kids take home makes an immediate impact on their standard of living and also seeing them so satisfied after a hard day’s trading…its great. I also love seeing the kids from all walks of life form a “tribe” at PMM and help each other. There are lots of great things. I also love our PLASTIC FREE PLEDGE.

What do you need the most?

Volunteers to help with outreach traders, prizes and funding.

How can SPM’s help?

Lots of ways:

  • Online: Share and like our market events.
  • Offline: Come support the traders and buskers at events by shopping and also by offering feedback.
  • Mentoring and helping outreach traders
  • Fundraising (Split 50/50)
  • PR for events

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