Special Edition – Mother’s Day feasts!

Sometimes we take people for granted. Most often, those closest to us. We see our mothers standing at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes with foamy hands whilst humming her favourite tune. We see her hanging out the washing, whilst picking up the toys left outside from yesterday’s play. We watch her getting ready for work, balancing several cereal bowls in one hand whilst packing lunch boxes with the other. We watch her put on her lipstick and her son’s shoes, whilst systematically organising the family into the car.

But do we see her at the end of the day, when she quietly sits at the dinner table, watching her family eat with a tiny smile filled with love? Do we see her straighten her shoulders when life gets tough and someone needs to take control? Do we see her gently kiss her sleeping children good night and tuck them in just a little bit tighter? Do we see her settling down with a steaming cup of tea for a couple of minutes of quiet time after everyone’s gone to bed?

That is why every day should be Mother’s Day. We should celebrate the strong women in our lives at every opportunity we get. Whether it’s a mother, step-mother, adoptive mother, aunt, sister, gran, friend, cousin. We should make them feel special and appreciated without reservation

“Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.”Robert A. Heinlein

For this blog post, I will be referring to all the special ladies in our lives as “Mom” (including the aunts, grans, friends and cousins!) So, with Mother’s Day coming up on the 14th of May, how are you planning on celebrating your loved one?

Don’t despair if you’ve not got a clue, because (lucky for you!) I’ve been very busy scouting the South Peninsula for a few awesome spots to catch breakfast, lunch, cocktails and views of our beautiful coast. We all have a commonality in good food and great vibes, so why not check out one of these awesome eateries for a special Mother’s Day treat. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg and your special woman will love you forever. You’re welcome.

Breakfast with the kiddies (human or furry!) – Espresso.kom

If Mother’s Day is a family affair in your household, then Espresso.kom will provide you with the perfect setting for a festive gathering. It’s a quaint little café just off the main road in Kommetjie –it seems to be the local hotspot for residents, surfers, kiddies and four-legged friends alike! Enjoy a luxuriously long breakfast, brunch or lunch –  bring your kids (and/or fur kids!) and celebrate under the big gnarly tree.


There’s a lovely shady children’s playing area adjacent to the wooden deck outside. Their breakfasts are fresh and tasty, and the coffee is beautiful. There is a very chilled vibe under the umbrellas outside, and it brings back memories of summer and beach days. Mom will love the fact that the kids can entertain themselves, and that her beloved Fido can join in on this special day.

Cocktails with a loved one – Leopard Bar

Let me share the best kept secret in Cape Town with you – the Leopard Bar at the Twelve Apostles Hotel in Camps Bay! Now, before you say it’s too swanky for your empty pockets, do yourself a favour – if you and Mom are hoping to leave the kids at home for a few hours and feel like pampering yourself on a budget, this is your spot. The outside area of the Leopard Bar is a small, intimate balcony, mainly with tables for two’s or fours. On a wind-still day, you can get a grand little table by the sea-side, and look out over the Atlantic for miles in every direction.


When I visited last a few months ago, the waiter brought us a silver stand with olives (for free!) and the most amazing cocktails we’ve ever had. Yes, they’re about R85 each, but it’s the full experience you’re paying for! I had the G&T Mojito Twist and it’s simply out of this world. If you prefer to sit inside in the very elegant “jungle” be sure not to miss the candy buffet at the end of the bar – why yes, Mom would love a cone of sweeties whilst she sips on her champagne cocktail! Although the interior of the Leopard Bar is incredibly polished and expensive looking, there is no strict dress code, and the patrons are just as much a mix-bag as the candy jars. There’s plush couches and large TV screens for the sport lovers, romantic nooks for the couples, low coffee tables and large windows for those wanting lunch with a view. A spoil without breaking the bank.


Brunch with hubby – Knead

So, you don’t want to stay at home this Mother’s Day, but you don’t want to go out for the whole day, either. Why not opt for a sunrise breakfast and beach stroll in Muizenberg? Get Mom out of bed at the same time as a school day with promises of a delicious breakfast and strong coffee, and head down to Surfer’s Corner. Be there early, because the parking fills up quickly! There you will find Knead Bakery, in the impressively large mint green building.


They do amazingly fresh and colourful breakfasts and the coffee is really good. You can either sit on the enclosed patio with full views of Muizenberg beach (without the wind or sand), or you can huddle indoors and admire the beautifully glitzy décor, juxtaposed with the rest of the (literal) run-of-the-mill bakery vibes – this makes Knead fascinatingly different and funky. Service is incredible and the atmosphere is comfy. After breakfast, the kids can burn off some calories at the jungle gym, whilst you have a stroll down the picturesque Muizenberg beach. Cool vibes!

DIY breakfast in bed – Olympia Bakery

If you don’t feel like facing the masses, why not opt for a simple, yet indulgent, DIY breakfast in bed. This gives Mom a chance to have a snooze, whilst you (and the kids?) “prepare” the breakfast and coffee. Whilst she’s dreaming away, quickly slip out of the house and take a drive to Olympia Bakery in Kalk Bay. You can get there early – they’re awake and baking bread long before the rooster crows. Olympia Bakery is my ultimate weekend indulgence; crispy, buttery croissants, freshly baked artisanal breads in all shapes and sizes and sweety treats such as their awesome cinnamon twists or pain au chocolat. And don’t forget the frothy cups of Truth coffee! Whilst you’re there, also grab a block of local cheese and a meat selection from the deli counter, and don’t forget the ham & cheese croissants for the kiddies!


Olympia’s pastries and breads don’t need much. A pretty floral tablecloth and some good quality butter. Remember to reheat the croissants a little in the oven, please not in the microwave! Arrange the cheese and meats in one of Grandma’s dainty cake stands and breakfast is served. You don’t have to doll up Olympia’s produce with carrot twirls and parsley frills – each mouthful speaks a tale of simple elegance. Mom will feel like royalty in the comfort of her own home. Oh, and don’t worry about pouring the Truth coffee into mugs – their packaging is awesomely stylish. Serve take-away style for minimal washing up afterwards!

After all has been said and done, just remember: love is not measured in Rands and cents. Appreciation doesn’t depend on credit card swipes. Gratitude is not conveyed in diamonds or jewelry. It’s what in the heart that counts; the place the actions sprout from. Nobody can resist a genuine, thoughtful gesture, however big or small. Be it a beautiful drawing from your child, a handwritten love note from your husband, or a flower from the garden for your gran.

Wishing all our South Peninsula Moms a wonderfully indulgent day – filled with life’s richest blessings and treats!


Meet Amilinda Wilkinson

Amilinda WilkinsonAmilinda Wilkinson is a small town girl with big dreams. She is a nature geek, total foodie, devoted wife and mother to furry children. When she’s not at the office, she explores, writes about, photographs and indulges in this fragile adventure we call life.Read more from Amilinda on her blog The Little Hedonist.Save

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