Please do not add links to your own Facebook Pages to this group.

On the SPM Facebook Group, businesses with Premium Listings may advertise on a Monday AND Wednesday on the group. #advertisingmondayforpremiumlistings

If you have a Premium Listing in the South Peninsula Moms Business Directory, you may advertise on both days

Wednesday is the only day for basic listing advertising!
Please make sure your business (even home business) is listed on our SPM website before advertising your skills on this group and then only add the link to your listing on our website! (copy and paste) The idea is that people need to visit our website to obtain your contact details. So it’s win/win for all of us!! 🙂
Please don’t use contact details of your own!! It doesn’t matter how small your business is. Same rule applies for everyone. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group, as explaining the rules over and over does not seem to work!!!! Submit your business listing here –…
Email queries to

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Post Responsibly

Please think responsibly when answering any medical questions posted on this forum.
NO VACCINATION discussions please, misinformation from passionate parents can be a dangerous thing!!
The advice given here is not professional, purely the opinions of other moms who have gone through similar situations. If you are in any doubt please contact a health-care professional. Here is a link to our website and important information –
Be nice.

Do not post and crime related information and/or photographs.

Support each other!

PLEASE, no negativity towards other people – we are all different and will never agree on everything, but there is NEVER a need to get nasty about it. RESPECT each other.
No NAMING and SHAMING on this group. We will be deleting negative remarks or posts directed at other people or companies. And repeat offenders will be removed from this group! There is enough negativity in the world. This is our little safe haven of support.
If you would like to moan and groan or name and shame, please start your own group.

Selling things

Only 2nd hand goods are to be sold on this group, unless you are advertising. Second hand goods may be sold at any time.
Be considerate of others when selling things and use a “first come, first serve” policy.
Make all the transactions visible for all to see (do not inbox someone privately, while the item is still up for grabs)
Please inform us if you are also selling an item on another page. Tagging someone does not put them FIRST IN LINE, unless you state FIL for “person’s name”. Minimum amounts required on “make me an offer” posts.
No selling of animals on this page either. If an animal needs a home or to be rescued etc, feel free to post, but no selling.


AND, let’s make a difference!!!! 🙂

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Opinions expressed in comments made by those who participate in the South Peninsula Moms group are the personal opinions of the authors; not of the administrators of South Peninsula Moms. Opinions expressed by participants are not endorsed by the administrators of South Peninsula Moms.

Failure to comply

If you do not adhere to the rules of the group you will be removed. If you have been removed from the SPM group, you will also be removed from the website.



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