Making a fry up and popping toast in the toaster for the kids and thinking… mmm, it would be nice to also put my egg on something. Well here is your 2 minute solution, ok, ok –  add another 30 seconds to mix everything up!!!



  • 90ml Almond Flour (I used 90ml of pecan flour – it’s cheaper and it looks like a brown bread roll)
  • 10ml Coconut Flour
  • 2.5ml Baking powder
  • 25g Melted butter
  • 1 x egg

Mix all of the ingredients together and place in a pre-greased microwave safe bowl, I used a small ramekin as it was the perfect size for a roll.
Place in microwave for 2 minutes and Voila!!


As I said I used Pecan flour (ground pecan nuts) instead of Almond Flour, I’m sure you could experiment with other nut flours too.
I also sometimes add some sunflower seeds to the mix, just for a bit of crunch and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top too.
You can really play around with this recipe.

It is quite dry, so I slice mine thinner. You can toast the slices  or eat them as is, adding lots of yummy things on top. It works really well with a fried egg and some bacon or just cream cheese and  avo or tomato.